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Stoli Vodka is campaigning responsibly…

When I first saw the following series of commercials, I couldn’t help but laugh. But, once I finished, I already knew I had to post about them. The title of the ad campaign is ‘Would you have a drink with you?’ and the plot is simple: each celebrity has a drink with their ‘Hollywood’ self, and basically questions their own integrity. Sounds entertaining enough, right? While this is amusing, there is so much truth behind what they are actually saying and doing. Not to mention the ‘hidden’ clues, other than the obvious duality, as to who is pulling the strings on these puppets.

Notice the ever present ‘Eye’?

Notice the snake earrings?

Notice the Sex Kittens Bunnies?

One thing I found interesting was the fact Julia Stiles was the only one who never really came to an agreement with her ‘self’. Matter of fact, she seems quite annoyed. Look at another version of her same commercial.

This last clip is Hugh Hefner’s extended version. He actually goes into a little history about himself. The images and what he says is very eye opening to how easy it is for ‘them’ to get people to sell themselves to be puppets for the industry. Very very sad in deed.

But, hey, THAT’S MY OPINION!!!


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Another one bites the dust…

50Cent TwitPic

The original caption for this pic is:

I have a idea that is so good my new friends believe ill be on another level completely in 5 years.

I bet you do, 50. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve that LEVEL?

Need I say more?



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What’s the Deala with Tila…or, um, Jane?

Accepting the Looking Glass

I don’t know how much you all know about Tila Nguyễn, a.k.a Tila Tequila, but it seems she may have more problems than we are giving her credit for. Other than being known for being an irrelevant attention whore who’s only claim to fame is being the 1st person on MySpace to have as many friends as Tom, the owner whom you are forced to have as a permanent friend when you open your account. After that, she was blasted off into super stardom for only God knows what reason with her hit reality show ‘ A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila’. In this bucket of crap of a reality dating show, Tila invites both men and women on for a chance at love with her, what they didn’t know at the time is that she is BIsexual.

Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

She was already a singer/rapper no one really cared about. Her hooks are anything but catchy, and her flow is beyond WACK!  Here’s a little clip of her wonderful performance this year at the Juggalos Music Festival:

I must admit, she is a real trooper. After all the barrage of bottles, trash, cans, and poop…that’s right, POOP!!!…she was still rockin’ to her own beat. And what did she have to show for it?

piles of cans, bottles, trash, firecrackers, and human feces gathered from the Port-O-Potties to be thrown up on the stage at Tila

Can you believe it? Not only did the crowd throw whatever they could get their hands on, but they actually took the extra time and effort to walk through the crowd, to the Port-O-Potties, reach into the toilet, grab what they could, trudge back through the crowd, throw the poop on the stage, and then stand there with smelly hands. And what does this sad excuse for a Beta in dire need of some Handler’s care do?

Guess taking off your top didn't calm them down any, huh?

She took off her top. Not like we’ve never seen her ta ta’s before, but seriously? After you have just been pretty much beaten with any and everything you would possibly find at a concert, you reward the crowd by taking off your top and finishing the set?!

Generally, this wouldn’t cause anyone to wonder or be concerned. She’s always been the most disgraceful attention addict, and has always done whatever she can to get her fix:

$3.99?! Still too much!!!

I'm not even going there...too easy (no pun intended). DOH!

Yes, she's actually wearing belts to cover her nips.

She's a walking wardrope malfunction

Tila & Amber Rose...they may be Illuppet Beta's in training, but I can't hate on their FIERCE shoe game ;O)

Tila with Casey Johnson (and nippage)

Anyway, you get the idea. This chick will do pretty much anything for attention, which brings me to the point of this post. Knowing she will go to the extreme for acceptance and attention, would pretending to have alternate personalities be too far fetch? Some people seem to think so. I am not one of them.

With all of the studies and articles I’ve read about MK Ultra Monarch programming, it actually seems quite possible Tila is a victim of dissociative identity disorder, formerly known as multiple personality disorder.  She has mentioned several times she has DID, and her Twitter account has even been ‘hi-jacked’ by her most vocal personality, Jane. Here is one of her twitter rants as ‘Jane’:

Notice that she says ‘I don’t know when Tila will be back…she’s off crying somewhere.’  Given the aggression of this alter, it seems ‘Jane’ is the protective alter. The alter Tila uses when she is not able to handle her life. This is typical.

Now that we’ve read what ‘Jane’ has to write, let’s meet her and see & hear what she has to say:

Ok, so lets take time to review. Noticed how she says she’s ‘out to play’ because Tila is sleeping. Now, this reminded me of something I read in The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave in regards to the sleep cycle and keeping the mind in Alpha state. Here’s an excerpt:


E. Keeping the Mind in Alpha State
The entire alter system of a Monarch slave has their sleep patterns
controlled. Many alters are programmed not to sleep. They stay
awake 24 hours a day internally. Someone has to take the body and
sleep–but whichever alters are set up to do it, they are hypnotically
commanded to only sleep three hours, to insure that the mind stays
in an alpha state easy to program. Because alters which do not hold
the body “rest” mentally in a sense–when they take the body they
are fresh.
In this way, a multiple can function without as much sleep as a
normal person, but the price they pay is that their mind stays in an
easy-to-program easy-to-hypnotize state. REM sleep allows the
person to harmonize the mind’s inner world with its outer
environment. The periods of REM sleep lengthen as the hours of
sleep progress. By preventing long periods of sleep, long periods of
REM sleep are prevented from occurring, and the victim remains in
a more controllable state of mind.


Wow! So no wonder she has all of the time in the world to write crappy music, take as many nude pics as humanly possible, do random craziness in unsuspecting stores, get her nails done, and whatever else she does. But, I’m sure there is a downside. I mean if we could all have alternate personalities take over our bodies while we slept, we wouldn’t really need the law of time, now would we? Maybe Tila or ‘Jane’ would like to let us in on the possibilities:

Hmmm…so, maybe having an alter wouldn’t be such a good idea. I mean, I just need her to go to work, cook, and clean for me, not try to KILL ME!!!!!

Let’s see what The StarPulse tells us Tila had to say about ‘Jane’ trying to kill her:


Tila Tequila has shocked fans with a disturbing online rant in which she claims to have “sliced up” her arms and legs with “knives” and insists she is suffering from multiple personality disorder.

The reality TV star, who recently admitted she’s addicted to prescription pills, posted a series of bizarre messages on her page on Saturday, alleging one of her “multiple personalities,” who she has called Jane, “tried to kill” her.

She writes, “Jane was just here! She tried to kill me!! Blood everywhere! She slit up my entire body with knives! I’m scared blood everywhere! Everything in my room is shattered! I woke up with blood all over! Jane tried to kill me! I just took pics of it, it’s really bad! I told u (sic) guys I have multiple personalities. I fell asleep and just woke up with blood cuts everywhere! And everything is smashed. I’m telling you!! 4ppl (for people) who have multiple personality disorder or bi-polar, this is the s**t that happens. Jane left. I locked the doors.”

Tequila later dismisses speculation from fans she had hurt herself or attempted suicide, adding, “I would NEVER harm myself! EVER!! I’m telling you, this was JANE!… Calm the f**k down! I ain’t trying to commit no suicide you dumb f**ks! Whomever said I’m committing suicide! F**k off! Why would I? I got mad $$$ (money) & love!”

And of course she hit up UStream to vocally announce the reason why there is no need for her to off herself:

Well, that’s certainly something to be proud of, Tila!

Maybe it’s time she got away from whomever she has surrounded herself with, and GET HELP!She has to know she’s a walking disaster and that people will never take her seriously. But, she is a prized Distraction Illuppet!! She’s another Lindsay Lohan, but without the talent!!! Please, keep an eye out for this one. She’s a complete mess, but no one deserves to feel they need to cheapen themselves to to next to nothing just for fame. And no one needs to pretend they don’t go to bed every night like this: live another day...





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