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Jay-Z Decoded

Jay-Z Decoded coming to a Barnes & Noble near you 11/19/2010 (gag!)
This fool’s arrogance never ceases to amaze me.

Sean Carter pre-Jay-Z

Instead of just coming clean and saying what’s really going on, he had decided to write (oh have one of his minions write it for him) an entire book disecting the lyrics to his raps. Gee, guess he figured we needed some help NOT finding Illuminati references in dang near every song!
But, you never know, maybe he will explain his role in Obamanation’s agenda…

Rock the Vote '08

…possibly just something to appeal to everyone across the masses no matter what race…


…or maybe he’s just around to pimp out his wife make sure his wife is available to make White House calls when needed…

Beyonce singing ‘At Last’ (coincedence, nah) at the Inagural Ball


…whatever his role is, I’m sure he thinks it will pay off eventually…

Jayonce's visit to the White House '09 (guess they let just everyone in now, huh)

…as long as they can keep EVERYTHING INCRIMINATING under wraps…



Ooops, guess the Brotherhood missed this one!!!
Guess writing a book suddenly means you need reading glasses.

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