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Lady Gaga as “Jo Calderone”: Brilliant Performance…or Triggered Alter?

In recent weeks Lady Gaga has decided to grace us with yet another side of her. A masculine side. She introduced to the mass media ‘Jo Calderone’. He’s a New Millennium version of a ‘Greaser’ from the mid 50’s.

Either Gaga has had some of the best acting lessons, and all of the reporters were paid actors, or Gaga wasn’t even in the BUILDING!!! I mean this chick was a straight ‘DUDE’ the entire night. She never broke character, not even after the After-After-the-After Party party!!!

Check out her, er, uh, his performance during the MTV 2011 VMA’s.

And look at what she did during Britney Spears’ Tribute.

Need I say more?



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…& the cycle continues.

I know I’m about to tattle on my age, but back in the day, who didn’t have a crush on The Boys, Another Bad Creation, or Immature? They were the perfect crushes for anyone under the age of 12. They got our little girl hearts racing, yet still pretty much talked about harmless stuff, so our parents didn’t seem to mind them as much. To the parents, it was innocent puppy love, but to us girls, it was hormonal chaos!

I can remember being in middle school totally freaking out every time this song was on the radio:

Ah, this soooo takes me back. Not going to reveal how far back, but its some where back there 😉

Anyway, doesn’t that just bring back memories of being young, dumb, and impressionable enough to think and believe all a guy had to do was say he would never lie again, and it would be all gravy? And how old was Immature at that time? 13? What did he even have to lie about that was so bad he had to promise to never lie again? Ugh, I could swear I remembered songs and videos that were more fun and more child like.


That’s more like it…no, wait, this is all wrong. That song wasn’t about child-like things at all! Did lil’ man just say ‘Take a walk with me on the bridge of love, we can make love on the bridge of love’? Were they all packing dildos in their pants? What the hell is this? All though cute, did you notice each of the celebrities they portrayed has been in some kind of scandal? Most of them were sexual in manner.

Had this whole matter with Chris Stokes, Raz B, and Marques Houston not popped off, I might not have been so knocked back when viewing some throwback videos, but with the whole new light being shed on the situation, I can’t help but try to see past what has been put before me. I can only wonder what (if anything) these little boys were put through just to make a hit or sway the tweenage demographic a certain way?

Take this group, The Boys. They were signed to Motown and were actually on the top of their game when they ‘fell off’. But, according to Wikipedia, there is a different reason why we didn’t hear much more from this cute little group.

In 1993, the group’s deal with Motown expired and they were offered a new six-year contract. However, the group was upset over their treatment on the label, as Motown ignored the group’s self-produced album Saga Continues… and the acts produced by The Boys such as Small Change. The group seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth and while everyone believed Motown had dropped them, they, in fact, dropped Motown.

As the 90s progressed, the members of the group moved to the Western African state of Gambia, where they set up a recording studio. Learning the native tongue, the group began to develop a new sound and became known as The Suns of Light. The group continues to produce uplifting and positive music and release albums on a regular basis.

So, what happened that this group didn’t like how they were being ‘treated’ by the record label, and made them hop the nearest flight to West Africa? Probably the same thing that happened to Dave Chappelle.

And whatever happened to Kris Kross? I was too in love with Kris Smith (the yellow one).

Man,  ‘Alright’ was my JAM! These boys were so talented and were just tossed out like some one hit wonder. Check out this interview I found of Kris Kross, Marky Mark, and TLC. And who do you ask is interviewing them? You guessed it! The Grand Dame herself, Oprah!

Aw, isn’t Chris Smith just the cutest little thing? Anyway, even though Mark is a scene stealing motor mouth, he does make a valid point. It’s interesting when he stated ‘they only see the TV side half of it’ and how you ‘have to change’ in the business ‘because of the pressures’. And the Spoken Angel, Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopez, hits the nail on the head when she mentioned the politics of the music industry.

(I’ll save the TLC issue for another post. 😉 )

I also wanted to let you hear a very insightful radio interview Chris Kelly gave regarding the falling off of Kris Kross. For some reason it’s not letting me embed the actual link, but please click here to be directed to the site. It’s a little over 20 minutes long, but trust me, you can turn it on and clean your room for all I care, but you do want to listen to the entire interview. No, there are not anyre Chris Stokes-esque allegations or any alleged molestations, but Chris does go into another form of abuse received by Jermaine Dupri.

And I’m not going to tell you what it is so you’ll listen to the interview. Hee hee hee!!


They must have been heading to the YMCA

Now, I know you all are tired of hearing about these guys, but unfortunately, thanks to them, we are all being made aware of what is going on with these kids. Check out this video RazB did during the beginning of the new Eddie Long issue.

And now listen to this young man as he actually tries to confront his ex-handler, Marques Houston.

And in this interview (it’s my last one I promise), Raz B goes into detail about secret meetings and who got him to retract his previous allegations and why he is ready to speak up now.

Can you imagine having to deal with all of this drama and abuse and then go out on stage and perform for all the fans like nothing is going on when they are dying inside?

And now it appears the cycle is starting over with a new batch of young boys ready to ride Willow Smith’s coat tails, as Jay Z she has re-opened the tweenage door once again.

While chillaxin’ with one of my BFF’s this past weekend, I came across this little video while watching MTV Jamz.

I must admit, when I first heard this song all I could do was giggle. As corny as they are, I have a crazy inkling there are little girls everywhere spazzing out over this little new. Then I saw their name: Mindless Behavior.

WTF?! If you’re like me, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering what kind of name is Mindless Behavior, right? Well, this is what their bio says about the group’s name:

Their movement is redefining the word mindless and sending a powerful, much needed message to youth. Mindless Behavior is a new, effortless way of thinking that promotes individuality. “If you’re confident and not afraid to stand out, you’re mindless. If you get good grades in school, you’re mindless. If you express yourself, you’re mindless.” commented the group.

Not too sure about that one, but let’s look a little deeper. Their record label is Conjunction, which is apart of Streamline, which is under Interscope. Hmmm…seems like quite a few Illuppets are under this label.

Just to name a few.

No wonder the main little boy is holding the ‘devil’ sign with his left hand! I can only hope and pray these young men are covered with the best spiritual protection around because they have been flung into one of the deadliest machines known to man: the entertainment industry.

I know we will not be able to detect everything, but we as parents and future parents need to keep a closer eye on what we are allowing our children to watch and listen to. Although all of these kids just want to share their talent with the world, we have no right to support the abuse they must suffer to ensure our entertainment quota has been filled for the day. The pain children in these situations and many others endure will carry the physical, emotional, and spiritual scars way longer than their one hit song will last.


P.S. Seeing that this was a pretty heavy post, I wanted to leave you with something to give you a few giggles 🙂



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Gaga googoo for fame?!

While working ever so hard(ly) at work one day, I came across these two articles I found on Lady Gaga on a little site called

Morphing in more ways than one

Get a load of this.  Lady Gaga is being sued.  Poker face is right.  The lawsuit is coming from an alleged ex-lover and producer who claims that he is the one who took Gaga from GooGoo, making her rich and famous.

Stefani Germanotta (Pre-Gaga) and Rob Fusari

Rob Fusari is his name, and he is taking Lady Gaga to the laundromat for about 30 million dollars- her and her Team Love Child and Mermaid music.[source]  30 million is a lot of quarters.  Anyway, Fusari is stating that Lady Gaga’s name even came from him because when she first got started it was Stefani Germanotta.  A bit long right?  From there she got with Fusari and he did her up.

Rob Fusari sound familiar?  He should because he has worked with Destiny’s Child and others in the game…except they aren’t getting sued.

Fusari with Brittany Spears

Fursria with R&B singer Olivia

Anyway, so here is the worst thing that someone can do – steal the image of a dead person and call it Gaga.  This is exactly what a mom, Yana Morgana, is alleging Lady Gaga has done to her late 19 year old daughter!  The report is that Lady Gaga once worked with a teen by the name of Lina prior to her suicide, and they were introduced by Fusari!

Anyway, Lina Morgana has recorded many songs with Lady Gaga in Fusari’s studio, and allegedly it was during this period of time, Lina’s mom believes Gaga took on much of Lina, from her past to even dress!  We all know how Gaga dresses now, right?  Well, Yana says that was NEVER Lady Gaga but Lina.  When Lina died, Lady Gaga switched “overnight” as told by Lina’s mom.  The switch to Lady Gaga’s look was so like Lina that even Gaga’s ex thought he had seen a ghost when he saw the new Gaga!

So now that Lina’s persona is allegedly running around on Gaga, Lina’s mom wants them to at least give her credit for the work Lina put in that Gaga has now allegedly owned.  Lina’s mom also says that she doesn’t want to sue, so that means that if she is truly looking for Lady Gaga to give Lina full credit for the look, style and story of Lady “Poker Face”, she may not get it.  Money tend to talk much louder than do it out of the goodness of your heart.

Take a look at the late Lina Morgana’s video and determine whether it is a Gaga moment in the now.  It looks so from the very beginning!

Her cause of death? She jumped from a 10-story building, the Staten Island hotel!!!  How random is that?

Here’s a little bit more:

Tragically, Lina took her own life in 2008, and some are speculating that it was because of Lady Gaga’s success. Here are five other things about the late Lina Morgana:

1. She didn’t even have a chance for her career to take off, because she was only 19 when she died.

2. In addition to being a singer, Lina also wrote her own songs, including ballads and pop and dance numbers.

3. Before she died, Lina recorded at least 12 songs with Lady Gaga.

4. Lina’s parents were Russian immigrants, and she had a tough upbringing. After her parents split, she was raised by her mother.

5. Lady Gaga became a huge sensation only one month after Lina’s death.

Here is a video clip of Lina singing “Wonderland”, with Lady Gaga singing backup vocals. Is Lina the “Real Lady Gaga?” You be the judge.

Lady GaGa Lina Morgana Controversy (Video) – The Lady GaGa Lina Morgana controversy is starting to make a noise in the music industry. The controversy started with the claim that Lady GaGa stole her entire stage act from Lina Morgana. The claim was made by Yana Morgana, Lina Morgana’s mother, who says that GaGa never appeared in her current notable stage look until she met Morgana, and that once Morgana killed herself at age 19, GaGa stole her dress, makeup, style of signing, and her entire stage presence.

Lady GaGa’s early notable publicity vehicle was accusations that Cristina Aguilera stole her new look from GaGa. But now, it seems the tables are switched as the mother of GaGa’s former music partner says there was no GaGa before Lina Morgana and that what you see on stage today is not the creation of Stefani Germanotta but a stealing from Lina Morgana.

The Lina Morgana accusations claim that at the time there was no “GaGa”, just a Stefani Germanotta. And who was Stefani Germanotta? Morgana says Stefani Germanotta was not a troubled girl battling a “dark and tragic life” of dark looks and troubling thoughts. Rather Stefani Germanotta was just a rich girl who went to school with Nicky Hilton.

Stephanie in highschool

Instead, that troubled girl was Lina Morgana, claims Yana Morgana. Images released of Morgana today to the New York Post show Morgana at the time, not Germotta, dressing like today’s GaGa. As the New York Post describes:

“In them, Lina strikes poses and wears bikinis, lingerie, outlandish wigs and thigh-high boots — all later replicated in Gaga’s racy publicity photos, the mom believes.”

Lina 2004

Germanotta and Morgana were music partners. Together they recorded with producer Rob Fusari, who is also suing GaGa. Stefani would write the songs and Morgana would sing them. Now Lina’s mother Yana Morgana is seeking to release the songs the couple recorded together before her daughter’s death.

Suicide? Nah, more, like Sacrifice!!!!



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