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What’s Kanye crying for now? Oh, could it be HELP?!

I’m not quite sure what’s going on in Celebrity Land, but they locals seem to be taking to their Twitters in hopes of escaping the madness. First Bow Wow flips out saying he would have chosen another profession has he known what was really real, and now Kanye is spazzing out after his interview with Matt Lauer earlier today.

But, this wasn’t your typical Kanye’ BitchFit’. I don’t think I would be far from the truth to say I think the man has been scared sh!tless for the past few years, and he is on the brink of a nervous breakdown…again.

Peep his latest tweets:

Wowzzerz!!! Is it about that time again for you to make a pivotal decision about your life and you are finally concerned about the effects of your actions? Is it finally sinking in that you may have been the  Louis Vuitton Don, but you are no longer in control of your life?

No matter what the cause, I truly do hope this man gets his spiritual life in check, because turning back to God is the only way he will ever find peace.



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