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Beyonce…Will she end up like the rest?

I have tried my hardest not to post anything EXCLUSIVELY about the Beyta-Bot, but after seeking the following video provided by RSPremier.TV I felt the need to speak on it. Apparently, Vizio needs the queen Beyta to woo the world with her charm into purchasing their products. Let’s take a look at the behind the scenes footage.

Don’t worry, for some reason the sound doesn’t kick in until 0:39.

Notice how they all pretty much conjure up ‘Sasha Fierce’? Beyonce states ‘she’ is dead and she needs her. Notice the red lighting used to aid her in vying for the consumer’s attention because they are all too consumed with the HD idiot box? Did you at least catch the song she is singing? In case you have no idea what the song would be important, I’ll let you see what I am talking about.

I’ll give you some time to let your mind catch up with the barrage of images you have just witnessed…

Ok, now that you’re back, lets get down to business.

Other than a warped cry for help, it appears there are other important key points one must realize while watching this video and listening to the song. Here is a woman that has gone above and beyond the norm to make sure her man stays loving her, but to no avail. She has turned herself into any man’s ultimate fantasy. She cooks, cleans, bares children, gardens, tunes up the car, strips, gets drunk, all while wearing skivvies and stilettos. And this isn’t some new concept. Its easy to see what other beta spirits Beyonce has called to for inspiration.


Betty Page

Hail to the Queen of Bondage herself! Notice how Beyonce has creatively woven the persona of  this lovely little vixen into the previous video? For those that have been in the dark ages for the last 60 years, here’s a clip of Betty in action and you’ll quickly see what I mean.

See what I mean? And believe it or not, this isn’t the first time B.B. has channeled Betty’s essence. Remember this shot from ‘Videophone?’


Anyway, lets see what other Beta Sex Kitten personas make cameo appearances in this video?

Sophia Loren

Mamie Van Doren

Jane Mansfield

Marilyn Monroe

These are all women that did pretty much anything for attention. They were all top notch sex symbols whose sole purpose in life was to gratify the thoughts and desires of men. Whether it be on screen (for the masses), or in real life (for their handlers). I fear this is the same situation for Beyonce. It seems all of her life she has been crafted and molded into what everyone around her wants so they can get a piece of it. This was made all too clear to me when I first watched the following scene from DreamGirls. This is honestly probably the only part of the movie I feel Beyonce’s acting is actually good, because she’s not acting at all!!! Her feelings and emotions are 100% real. Trigger maybe? Even though what Jamie Fox is saying came from a script written over 30 years ago, but it couldn’t have been more on the money and right on time than it was when he said it to Beyonce on set. Take a look…or better yet, Listen.

Need I say more?






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