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Stoli Vodka is campaigning responsibly…

When I first saw the following series of commercials, I couldn’t help but laugh. But, once I finished, I already knew I had to post about them. The title of the ad campaign is ‘Would you have a drink with you?’ and the plot is simple: each celebrity has a drink with their ‘Hollywood’ self, and basically questions their own integrity. Sounds entertaining enough, right? While this is amusing, there is so much truth behind what they are actually saying and doing. Not to mention the ‘hidden’ clues, other than the obvious duality, as to who is pulling the strings on these puppets.

Notice the ever present ‘Eye’?

Notice the snake earrings?

Notice the Sex Kittens Bunnies?

One thing I found interesting was the fact Julia Stiles was the only one who never really came to an agreement with her ‘self’. Matter of fact, she seems quite annoyed. Look at another version of her same commercial.

This last clip is Hugh Hefner’s extended version. He actually goes into a little history about himself. The images and what he says is very eye opening to how easy it is for ‘them’ to get people to sell themselves to be puppets for the industry. Very very sad in deed.

But, hey, THAT’S MY OPINION!!!


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