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Fashion Puppet Mistress

The Illuminati presence has always been present in the fashion industry, but now it’s becoming even more predominant. Check out the commercial for Versace’s new line for H&M. The symbolism isn’t even remotely hidden! It’s so in your face is dang near scary!!!

The lifeless robot models, the ‘rat in the maze’, the faceless controller of shadows and light, the constant eyes that watch their prey, duality and multiplicity, masonic checkerboard,  or anything else you could possibly imagine that could go on in a ‘Charm School’, less the sadistic sexual abuse, is in this commercial. The dehumanization of female models has been glamorized and uplifted in this commercial with Donatella Versace, Queen of one of the top upscale brands in the world, pulling the strings. And another thing I noticed, is she is attempting to recreate HERSELF!!! And what’s more, her replicas are turning into handlers themselves, creating a vicious cycle. This commercial is too much!!!!



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Girls Run the Symbols

I know I rarely post about Beyonce, but when I came across the following video, I couldn’t help but have to point out all of the Illumi symbols. From triangles, to fallen angels, to duality, to hypnosis, to down right narcissism, this performance has it all. This must definitely be ‘Sasha’s’ favorite song, because ‘B’ sounds possessed at the beginning.  Let me know what you think.

Hopefully one day, she and Jay will be knocked off their throne. But, hey, THAT’S MY OPINION.


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Ashton Kutcher Speaks Out On Media Integrity

Recently, Ashton Kutcher has been making headlines, not for his new role on Two & A Half Men, but for anther role called an ‘adulterer’. Rumors regarding an alleged affair involving Ashton have been flying all over the airwaves and internet, and the way things are in Hollywood, who would know the difference? Its so hard to tell fact from fiction in the news anymore because the lines have been blurred beyond recognition. But lucky for us, Ashton decided to make a Vlog speaking out on the decline of morality and integrity in the media and modern literature. What he says is basically an outline or ‘broad stroke’ of what the Illuminati have been doing to the world’s communication systems for EVER!!!

I personally don’t care if this video didn’t clear his name, per say, but, I can appreciate the truth he is telling. Glad to see more and more celebrities speaking up and out.



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Stoli Vodka is campaigning responsibly…

When I first saw the following series of commercials, I couldn’t help but laugh. But, once I finished, I already knew I had to post about them. The title of the ad campaign is ‘Would you have a drink with you?’ and the plot is simple: each celebrity has a drink with their ‘Hollywood’ self, and basically questions their own integrity. Sounds entertaining enough, right? While this is amusing, there is so much truth behind what they are actually saying and doing. Not to mention the ‘hidden’ clues, other than the obvious duality, as to who is pulling the strings on these puppets.

Notice the ever present ‘Eye’?

Notice the snake earrings?

Notice the Sex Kittens Bunnies?

One thing I found interesting was the fact Julia Stiles was the only one who never really came to an agreement with her ‘self’. Matter of fact, she seems quite annoyed. Look at another version of her same commercial.

This last clip is Hugh Hefner’s extended version. He actually goes into a little history about himself. The images and what he says is very eye opening to how easy it is for ‘them’ to get people to sell themselves to be puppets for the industry. Very very sad in deed.

But, hey, THAT’S MY OPINION!!!


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Looks like Bow Wow has something to say.

Seeing that Bow Wow has been in the game his entire life, I am most interested in what he has to say about the dark side of the ‘Industry’. Hope he gets out while he still can…if he still can.



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They watched their father die…

Prince and Paris Jackson at the 2010 Grammy Awards - 01/31/2010 4
In light of the recent testimonies presented at the Michael Jackson Death Trial, it has come to the world’s attention both of the eldest Jackson children were not only present at the time of his death, but they actually saw him dying and the frantic doctor trying to cover up what he had done! What a horrific moment in these poor children’s lives. Here are portions of Alberto Alvarez’s testimony as he was present on the scene. Read the full story on

Alvarez described how Jackson’s two oldest children, Prince and Paris, walked toward their father who was lying still on a bed with his eyes and mouth open, facing toward them.

“Paris screamed out ‘Daddy!'” and she started crying, Alvarez said.

“Dr. Conrad Murray said ‘Don’t let them see their dad like this,” Alvarez said. “I turned to the children and I told them ‘Kids, don’t worry, everything’s going to be OK.”

Security chief Fahreem Muhammad also gave his account of the condition of the Jackson children upon his arrival to the scene:

Security chief Fahreem Muhammad, who followed Alvarez upstairs, described seeing Jackson on a bed with his eyes open and his mouth “slightly opened” as Murray tried to revive him.

“Did he appear to be dead?” Walgren asked.

“Yes,” Muhammad replied.

Muhammad gave details about how Jackson’s two oldest children watched in shock.

“Paris was on the ground, balled up, crying. And Prince, he was standing there, he just had a real shocked, you know, slowly crying, type of shocked look on his face,” he said.

Those who follow this blog regularly, I’m sure your ‘Spidie Senses’ are tingling as much as mine were when I read the article. For those a little confused as to why this is more important than the obvious, I’ll explain:

In the dark world of Mind Control, the victim’s mind must first be broken. What’s a pretty effective way to fracture a person’s mind? Post traumatic stress. And what’s the best way to cause this in a child? Make them watch the one person they trusted and loved more than anything in the world die. This is a common practice. For example, a handler will give their victims a Teddy Bears to make them develop an emotional attachment to them during their tortures and abuse. This attachment is then exploited by the handlers to create emotional trauma.

It is so sad to see how these poor children have been sacrificed to the Industry that killed their father. They are fully primed and ready for control.




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Lady Gaga as “Jo Calderone”: Brilliant Performance…or Triggered Alter?

In recent weeks Lady Gaga has decided to grace us with yet another side of her. A masculine side. She introduced to the mass media ‘Jo Calderone’. He’s a New Millennium version of a ‘Greaser’ from the mid 50’s.

Either Gaga has had some of the best acting lessons, and all of the reporters were paid actors, or Gaga wasn’t even in the BUILDING!!! I mean this chick was a straight ‘DUDE’ the entire night. She never broke character, not even after the After-After-the-After Party party!!!

Check out her, er, uh, his performance during the MTV 2011 VMA’s.

And look at what she did during Britney Spears’ Tribute.

Need I say more?



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