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Burn, Willow, burn!!!!

Unfortunately, the young Willow Smith has come out with another song to defile our ears. This one is called Fireball, and basically glorifies the party life. Hmmm…what would or should this kid even know about being the life of a party???? Is this party located at Skate Land? Anyway, she performed this stupid song during this evening’s episode of The X Factor. I don’t watch the show, (it’s just America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and American Idol rolled into one), but some of my faithfuls (Shout out to Christian Boo!!!) gave me the heads up. Check it out.

So, can anyone tell me why this kid is sporting a lizard suit? & notice how the ‘W’ in the ring of fire, (which is basically just an inverted triangle in a circle, which is discussed here for clarification), is positioned just perfectly between her bony legs reminding every pedophile in the audience and watching from home exactly why she’s being paraded in front of them? And, we can’t forget the every so age appropriate ‘booty’ dance Willow attempts to draw even more attention from the crowd. SMH.

But, hey, THAT’S MY OPINION!!!!!


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Ashton Kutcher Speaks Out On Media Integrity

Recently, Ashton Kutcher has been making headlines, not for his new role on Two & A Half Men, but for anther role called an ‘adulterer’. Rumors regarding an alleged affair involving Ashton have been flying all over the airwaves and internet, and the way things are in Hollywood, who would know the difference? Its so hard to tell fact from fiction in the news anymore because the lines have been blurred beyond recognition. But lucky for us, Ashton decided to make a Vlog speaking out on the decline of morality and integrity in the media and modern literature. What he says is basically an outline or ‘broad stroke’ of what the Illuminati have been doing to the world’s communication systems for EVER!!!

I personally don’t care if this video didn’t clear his name, per say, but, I can appreciate the truth he is telling. Glad to see more and more celebrities speaking up and out.



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