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Looks like Khole got herself all caged up…

I came across the above photo and was slightly disturbed. Generally, I overlook the Kardashian Klan because other than just being alive, they all seem to serve no real purpose in the limelight, and must  have an IV labeled ‘ATTENTION’ shoved into their artery at all times. They are addicted to it and can’t get enough of it. So, whenever any of their names come up, I usually only look to see what shoes they are wearing and then hit the ‘Back’ button. But, this particular shoot for YRB Magazine caught my attention.

Notice how she has the ‘Lady Gaga’ thing going on, and it may just be ‘her good side’, but why are they only showing her left eye? For a more detailed breakdown of the shoot, please visit this Vigilant Citizen article.

Hmmm…something to thing about.


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