You’ve got to be kidding me!!!!!!

29 Nov

First off, shouts out to my homie, T-Mo for reminding me of this mess!

See, this is one of those things where we have to sit and wonder what’s really going on?! While hanging out at a friend’s house, this monstrosity popped up on the television.

Yes, you did see that, and it did just happen.

In case you’re wondering, there was a slight thought of an uproar about this commercial. Want to know what for? Breed profiling and dog discrimination!!!! That’s right, people were so beyond upset about the mention of ‘ rottweilers and pit-bulls doing the mailman thing…’, while showing two random mutts hanging from the mailman, but totally ignored the bold faced and blatant prejudice and racial profiling.

“Sorry, Tony (looks Jewish to me), Sara (Black), Ice Pick (Trailer Trash), and Gina (Hispanic), you didn’t get your check (welfare or disability, because they are too young to be getting Social Security) or subpoena (suggesting someone in the group has a criminal history).”

Where were Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Oprah when this bitch-slap came across the airwaves?! Hell, where was Kanye West when you needed him? Where were the Tea Baggers and those picketing at American Soldiers’ memorial services? It amazes me the only group of people that even noticed something was wrong with this commercial and actually did something about it are from the Humane Society!!! Do people even care anymore? How is it people are still going toe-to-toe debating on who has the right to say the ‘N’ word, but no one batted an eye to this mockery of the Civil Rights Movement?

I’ll tell you one thing, Burger King won’t ever get a dime of my money ever again!

And that’s NOT JUST MY OPINION!!!!!!!!

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