Maybe it wasn’t his fault…

28 Oct
Could Madea possibly be an alter?
I’ve never been a fan of Tyler Perry’s plays or movies. It took me about 3 years before I ever watched a Madea movie, and I only watched ‘Why Did I Get Married (& Too)’ because I simply love Janet Jackson. Other than that, the only way I’ve caught glimpse of his movies have been because someone else turned it on.
I understand that all races and movie genres have movies about females having hard times, and sometimes it’s relaxing to watch when you have a day off in the middle of January, curled up on the couch with a warm blanket around you, a cat at your feet, a Cup’O’Noodles in your hand, and a heating pad on your stomach because the cramps are so vicious!! Can’t nobody tell me they have never had one of those days. 🙂
Anyway, my point about Mr. Perry’s movies is instead of bringing Black Women into a positive light, it’s SSDD (Same Sh*t Different Day). The heroines in his movies are always an á la carte of the following: broke, single, verbally/physically/sexually abused, bitter, have multiple children (by multiple men), homeless, jobless, carless, hopeless, helpless, and any other ‘less’ you can think of. I don’t see how this is helping us (Black Women) find a better way. Yes, we all know we need to lean on Jesus, but why do we all have to get to the worst possible point in life before we call on Him? Understandably, this is what happens to most people before the come running back to their Christian roots, but to constantly see this as the portrayment of Black Women on a regular is not the business.
I could totally be the only person that thinks this, but let’s see what Spike Lee has to say about it. As he is the king of Black Message Movies.
Wow! That’s an interesting point of view. And here I was thinking I was being original.
Well, I wonder what mister smarty pants had to say about this one. Hmmm…
Hold up, did this man just say his characters are bait?! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what he said about using them to spread a message and all that jazz, but it’s the way he said it that’s got me unnerved. ‘Disarming, charming, make you laugh bait’? And, no, Mr. Perry, your movies did not notify the American people that there are sill JiggaBoos in our midst. They do a good enough job of that themselves.
Anyway, now that my public service announcement is over, back to Tyler.
Ok, so here we have a black male, born Sept. 13th, 1969, into a poor family in New Orleans, La. I’m not going to get into all of the gritty details, but I will give you the broad strokes from his latest interview with the Illupetts grand dame herself, Oprah. Since she is so stingy, I’m not able to provide any clips, but she has graciously provided them on her own website. Just click the highlighted key phrases to be catapulted to the land of ‘O’ to view his interview.
In this interview Tyler touched on some very personal and deep issues with his life. He discussed his horrible childhood during which he was sexually molested several times by different men and the mother of a friend. He also later found out his father had been sexually molesting one of his friends. (Sounds like a sick trade off to me.) He goes on to speak about how his father wasn’t violently beating him, he was playing mind games with him.  Tyler states his father would sit outside of his bedroom and stare at him for hours. Watching him play, read, or anything else a child would do.
That’ right there, made me think of something I read about Psychological Manipulation. See, one of the many different tricks used in mind control is Staring drills.
Staring Drills are used to intimidate, provoke, make a person aggressive, and to destabilize victims. It’s linked to manipulation, credibility, and justification. One technique is to simply stare at the victim and another is to whisper “you’re scared” and engage in staring contests.
Seems like Mr. Perry, Sr. knew a little bit more than we gave him credit for, huh? Let’s continue.
Tyler goes on to talk about a day when his father told him to change a tire, however he was unable to change the tire. He talks about how his father was also unable to change the tire, due to the bolts being rusted. Tyler speaks of an imaginable beating which caused him to go back to that ‘special place’ in his mind. Meaning he was attempting to disassociate his mind from the situation. Tyler mentions this is the time he feels his innocence died. He recalls during this senseless beating, once the ‘park’ was starting to form in his mind, he started to see himself running away from him. The little boy (Perry’s childhood/innocence) ran running away, and he was unable to get him to come back. He says he didn’t understand why or what happened, but he feels like he died that day.
This recollection caused me to remember something I read online the other day about Depersonalization Disorder, a sister of DID. With this disorder is is characterized by a persistent or recurrent feeling of being detached from one’s own mental processes or body. Individuals suffering from Depersonalization Disorder relate feeling as if they are watching their lives from outside of their bodies, similar to watching a movie (American Psychiatric Association, 2000; Frey, 2001; Guralnik, Schmeidler, & Simeon, 2000; Maldonado et al., 2002; Simeon et al., 2001; Spiegel & Cardeña, 1991). Individuals with Depersonalization Disorder often report problems with concentration, memory and perception (Guralnik et al., 2001). The depersonalization must occur independently of DID, substance abuse disorders and Schizophrenia (Steinberg et al., 1993).

Joe & Madea ~ Characters or Alters?

eck out Wikipedia for more in depth information about this extremely serious disorder.

I firmly believe this instance was not only the death of Tyler’s childhood, but the beginning of his mind being split into alters.

Let’s look at some very interesting information I came across while researching this subject. Below you’ll find a very thorough chronological list of events that effected Tyler Perry’s life in many ways.

On September 13, 1969, Perry was born in New Orleans, Louisiana as Emmitt Perry, Jr., named after his father, a construction worker. His mother was Willie Maxine Perry born February 12, 1945.

In about 1979 at ten years old, Perry was sexually abused by a male church member(s) that he won’t talk about. His mother took him to church each week where she continued to be unable to protect him.In 1985, at age 16, he had his first name legally changed from Emmitt to Tyler in an effort to distance himself from his father. Tyler is an unusual choice. Tyler is from an English surname meaning “tiler of roofs”. He recalled attempting to commit suicide (self mutilation-waists) after being beaten by his father. He admitted that he had tried to commit suicide several times.

School allowed Perry to create a make-believe world in which he was a comedic figure. He engaged in endless antics in class to escape the crushing weight of abuse. Perry found relief through drawing which brought his fantasies to life, releasing his pent up frustrations. Perry subsequently dropped out of high school.

Between 1985 and 1992, Perry was a carpenter apprentice. Emmitt Sr. was a carpenter. During this time, Perry went through some type of transformation. Perry recounts the transformation this way, “I was watching Oprah Winfrey one day when she said that writing down one’s experiences could be cathartic. After I found a dictionary and looked up cathartic, I realized what she was saying, so I started writing things down. ‘God’s little flashes of light,’ he called them.

Unsure of how to approach the craft of writing, Perry converted people in his make-believe world into characters with pseudonyms. The character transformations of Perry’s cathartic musings were adapted to the musical stage production of I Know I’ve Been Changed.

I Know I’ve Been Changed was based upon the voices of molested children subjected to what had to have been ritual sexual abuse; and the forgiveness (induced amnesia) of the sexual predators.

Tyler with his mother, the late Willie Maxine Perry

In 1998, after a telephone conversation with his parents, Emmitt and Maxine, Perry reportedly bared his soul to the people who had hurt him the most. He recalled: “I told them everything that I had wanted to say as a little boy. I talked about all of the things that they had done to me and told them that I knew that I was not responsible for it.”

If you are wondering why I have placed several key words and phrases in bold font, it is because this is more evidence it was not a coincidence Tyler is now hanging out in Italy with the Illuppet Queen and her Queen.

Three Queens hanging in Italy. And Oprah, you have all that money and you can't purchase a decent bra?!?!

Or you can find him chilling with pretty much anyone linked to Freemason, Kabbalah, and any one that could even remotely be connect to the Illuminati

Perry and Kabbalah Activist Ashton Kutcher

Scientologist Will and Tyler pause for the cameras at the opening of the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta

Tyler Perry and malfunctioning Illuppet Halle Berry speak during the 40th NAACP Image Awards

And what about the content of his movies and how these ‘characters’ actually represent different Alters Tyler had to create within himself as protectors, and the movie is the life story he had provided for them:

I Know I’ve Been Changed was based upon the voices of molested children subjected to what had to have been ritual sexual abuse; and the forgiveness (induced amnesia) of the sexual predators.

With T.D. Jakes, Perry collaborated in Woman Thou Art Loosed to cash in and profit from a new “genre” of entertainment productions centered on the self destructive behaviorism of Black folk based on a book by Jakes; again on the same theme, it was centered on the rape of a little girl.  Jakes’ new entertainment genre was bankrolled by Oprah, Danny Glover, Cedric the Entertainer and other high profile blacks.

Helen McCarter  and her husband Charles, an Atlanta district attorney, had it all: money, success, and a fine home. In public they seemed to think their lives were perfect, but it was all far from perfect behind closed doors. After suffering from mental, physical, and verbal abuse, and receiving some off-color advice from her sassy and loud grandmother named Madea (Tyler Perry), who takes her in and helps her get back on her feet.

After Madea (Tyler Perry) violates the terms of her house arrest  (which she was subjected to in the previous film), the judge orders her to take in a troubled foster child named Nikki (KeKe Palmer) in order to avoid jail. Lisa (Rochelle Ayette), one of Madea’s nieces, is engaged to an abusie and controlling investment banker named Carlos (Blair Underwood). While she desperately wants to get out of the engagement, her mother, Victoria (Lynn Whitfield), urges her to go through with the wedding, telling Lisa to avoid doing things that make Carlos angry.

When Brenda (Angela Bassett), a struggling single mom in Chicago’s inner city, learns that the father she never knew has died, she heads to Georgia with her three kids in tow for the funeral and meets her dad’s raucous family. Despite their boisterous manner, Brenda finds them a comforting presence in her fragmented life. Writer-director Tyler Perry also co-stars in this adaptation of his hit stage play.

Viciously abused by her mother (a riveting, Oscar-winning Mo’Nique) and pregnant by her father, Harlem teen Precious Jones (Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe) has an unexpected chance at a different life when she enrolls in an alternative school. Teacher Blu Rain (Paula Patton) encourages her, but Precious must battle unimaginable barriers everywhere in her life. Lee Daniels directs this drama that features appearances by Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz.

Based on Ntozake Shange’s award-winning 1975 play, which consists of a series of poems performed through a cast of nameless women, known only by a color. It deals with such subjects as love, abandonment, rape, and abortion.

It seems to me we’ve been reading Tyler Perry all wrong. As I stated before, I firmly believe the day he feels he lost his innocence, is also the day his Alters started to take shape and form their own life stories. I also believe these characters are BAIT just as Mr. Perry stated, but instead of leading us to happy thoughts of alls-well-that-ends-well, we are being led in the vicious cycle of coonery buffoonery.



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18 responses to “Maybe it wasn’t his fault…

  1. Candice

    October 28, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    There is a link on The Dirt blog on one of the Tyler Perry post. Which leds me ask this, if he is a Mk Ultra victim is Oprah now his handler? After I read this article it also made me think back to when his career started to tak off he stated that Madea was based on his mother. But if his mother couldn’t do anything about it when he was abused, could it be Madea is the mother that he wished his mother would have been?

    • buttaflyytulsa

      October 29, 2010 at 3:27 PM

      I believe so. It seems to me that Madea is the vision of how Tyler wishes the strong female role in his life was. In his eyes his mother couldn’t protect him from anything, and Madea is the exact opposite of that.

      All of the key phrases I highlighted point towards him being raised and groomed for MK training. Especially since there is very little information available about his father and family. Understandably he wouldn’t want someone to get any glory or justification from such a horrific childhood, but for there to be no records of Emmitt Perry, Sr. in this day and age, is a little bit strange to me.

      Thanks for the comment and support! It’s greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Black Girl Thinking

    October 28, 2010 at 3:22 PM

    I found this post really interesting. I am an avid Tyler Perry fan and before the movies, yes the plays were kind of getting on my nerves because of the replication, but I still admired Tyler Perry because he made his dream come true. This man writes, produces and stars in his own movies and plays. I commend him. As an aspiring writer myself one can only dream to have your work published one day, but to be able to write it, produce it and film it at your OWN studio…thats a helluva an accomplishment.

    as for the alter ego(s) theory… I dont see it lol I think he is just extremely creative

    • buttaflyytulsa

      October 28, 2010 at 5:24 PM

      Although I am not a fan, I, too, admire the him for his efforts and agree he is extremely talented. What my post is discussing is not his talent, but the tortured mind behind the talent. I am showing how the abuse he suffered as a child may not have been accidental, but with the purpose of training the mind of a person for future use. My blog is about exposing the truth behind the mask we call POWER.

  3. buttaflyytulsa

    October 28, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    Auntie Anne: I saw the TV interview with Mr. Perry and I was very moved. I have always loved his movies because along with the humor, there is always a strong message woven throughout. And he is not ashamed to center a good part of the plots around God and faith. Sometimes we can overanalyze things. Just enjoy it for what it is – ENTERTAINMENT!

    • buttaflyytulsa

      October 28, 2010 at 5:16 PM

      I truly do see your point as it is a valid one. My efforts are not to turn you away from the entertainment, but to have you see past it. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but, not everything is as it seems. While feeding our eyes one thing, we are feeding our spirits another. Also, we are supporting something created only to destroy the children of God.

  4. Ms. Mizani

    October 29, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    Great post! I’ve always been told that everything happens for a reason and this post is just what that saying means to me. When we look a little closer at Tyler from begin to end, we can connect the dots into his real life and his life’s work, as he has made them available for the world to see.
    I am sorry his experiences were so horrible, and that when he is writing and creating he is giving us all a personal piece of him. But this is what made him and fortunately not only provides theraphy, but financial gain.

    • buttaflyytulsa

      October 29, 2010 at 9:35 PM

      Yes, everything does happen for a reason and there are no coincidences. Thank you for your comment and support!!!

  5. dirtygurl

    October 30, 2010 at 5:44 PM

    something intersting, tyler was raised in the vicinity of Tulane University. Now don’t quote me, but Tulane could have ran an underground program for mind control. maybe the father took “classes” on how to start the abuse that would end up in tyler being mpd (did).

    although i feel very badly about his experiences, i cannot support this crap he is putting out damn near every week. how is a man (even a gay one) going to write from a woman’s point of view. i don’t know anybody like his characters, they are so damn over the top it is ridiculous! he is ruining us, with that traitor oprah winfrey to back him up. they both know what is up and what they’re jobs are.
    spike lee will forever have my respect and support, he’s been calling out sell outs for years, so if your pissed tyler, then maybe you should think about your next project. try writing from the male pov. not all black women are victims, looking for a man to come on in and save us. not all black women are loud, rude, obnoxious, abused, lonely, or any of the other stereotypes you seem to feed us.

    women i am holding you all accountable for making this monster! oh and buttaflyy, oprah’s not worried about her bra, she is the man and her woman is right behind her as usual!

    • buttaflyytulsa

      October 30, 2010 at 10:08 PM

      Tulane University, huh? I’ll have to look into that. Excellent point about how a gay man can speak from a woman’s point of view. He would only be able to do so if it had previously been implanted into his mind. Boy, can I get the secret formula for making a man see things from a female perspective? That would cut the divorce rate in HALF!!!!

  6. dirtygurl

    October 30, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    one more thing about that precious poster, do you see how the hand is placed at her vaginal point, and the rest of her form is shattered( like mirrors used in programming) , wink wink, we know what that means don’t we, and for all of those that don’t…everyone that is involved in that ghastly movie is a slave to the industry in one form or another, damn all those mpd’s working on the same project, no matter the finished project was a mess and all over the place in every direction.

    • buttaflyytulsa

      October 30, 2010 at 10:11 PM

      BINGO! The focal point of her mental break was when her parents began to molest and sexually abuse her. From that point on, she was completely fractured.

  7. Noah Veil

    March 6, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    “Tyler” is a masonic office/role. The Tyler guards the door, is the gatekeeper, determining which person(ality) may be admitted to the meeting and when. A “tyled” meeting is a sealed, compartmented event, only open to regular, recognized, and accepted members.

    or so i hoid…

  8. Danni

    July 14, 2011 at 10:22 PM

    Noah Veil, that’s truly insightful!

    Buttaflyy, do you know anything about Oprah’s Color Purple Coven? I believe Tyler’s in this coven as well.

    I hear Whoppi’s in Roman Polanski’s coven. That’s why Oprah and she have this odd distance between them and they can’t seem to put a finger on why… Hmm… I bet their alters know why they aren’t on good terms. 😛

  9. Monielove181

    September 15, 2011 at 3:45 PM

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work researching this stuff. I must say that you are so on point with Tyler Perry. The boondocks Season 3 did an episode about Tyler Perry and how he decives the men in his films and plays. If you can get a copy of the pause episode it will make you agree. I heard that he was furious that they did a spoof on him. Here is the link :

    • buttaflyytulsa

      September 23, 2011 at 11:13 PM

      Yes, I did see that episode, and was shaking my head in laughter the entire time! The funniest part was how true it was. Thank you for the link, it was good to watch it again, and thank you for the support!!! Love your name btw 😉

  10. My Heart Says Yes

    February 22, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    MPD or DID naturally occurs from horrific abuse. I’ve read that the Nazi doctors experimented with documentation of the disease and tried the abuse/trauma and discovered that they could intentionally cause the MPD. The mind control advocates took an actual disease and inflicted it on victims. The key here is that it does happen to abuse victims everyday. Looks like Tyler Perry may have experienced it naturally and makes for an easy candidate later on. I believe that witch Oprah brought him in and is his and lot of folks’ handler.

    So sad because I do believe he is a comic genius.

  11. daftaida

    March 9, 2012 at 1:55 AM

    That child Tyler did die that day and in his death, a portal was created through which other children could be drawn in and die too through the medium of Madea (Media); it is said the the Inquisitioners (Jesuits) of the church perfected the art of torture to maintain consciousness of victim (usually women) for as long as possible, in Germany. Which indicates not that ‘Germans are evil’ but that the dark beast coagulated somewhere in the region of that time. So when the NY Banksters rolled out WW11, Germany was chosen as the prime location for scientific torture. Soviet Russia was the spot for the physcial and psychological degradation of formerly Christian people. As were the Germans. It was a war on Christians, a ‘spiritual’ revolution. This is how they will record it.

    The programmes developed during these years were specifically aimed at erasing all inner faith connection with our source to replace with the luciferian imposter which kind of makes me wonder about Lillith. It was the complaint ‘dolly’ Eve who was the imposter, the one Adam wanted who’d do as she was commanded. Since such time, the wild and wilful strong woman who would defend her husband and children from dicatorial power, has been bound and gagged, relegated to a cauldron of seething achetypal rage. This inverted triange, womb of the original Eve or Mother, is aflame from abuse. The Medea are harnessing the wounds of this ancient injustice, of Eve being punished for being a free minded strong woman of equal if not superior intelligence to her husband. She basically said “not if you were the only man on Earth”! Adam (Red man) maybe a monster.

    This early genetic engineering to produce a complaint Eve had a moral to be realised in Kane (Khan, Cane, Kanye etc.) who was jealous of his more capable brother Abel so murdered him with the blessings of ‘god’! Nothing new under ‘that’ Son!


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